About Rocket Packs®

Rocket Packs was founded in 1996.

From the beginning, the founder of the company worked on worldwide contacts and high-quality products.

The first business relations have been maintained until today.

Since then Rocket Packs has developed into a global company.

The charm and reliability of the two-man company have resulted in a small family business with 15 full-time employees.

From their headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, they supply their customers worldwide with their own sales organization.

Also the product range offers with beverage backpacks, belly trays and beer/beverage towers a high-quality selection of event and promotion articles.

The company name Rocket Packs stands today in the industry for high quality, unmistakable products and innovation by their own developed products.

Rocket Packs offer a variety of Event & Promotion sales systems.

Through our products you can serve your customers regardless of fixed locations.