BT4001 - Vendor´s Tray Classic

Rectangular model with insulation for various small articles from the food or non-food sector.

Practical, robust with thermal insulation, suitable for the sale of hot and cold drinks / snacks or the dispensing of products of all kinds such as giveaways, flyers etc..

Equipped with two room dividers or 24-hole insert and two outside pockets, as well as pockets for advertising inserts.

The two hinged lids are zippered and removable.

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BT4002 - Vendor´s Tray On Board

Simply distribute drinks, snacks, giveaways!

By the narrow construction, you can reach your customers everywhere.

Our Vendor's Tray is made of high-quality textile and thermo-insulating materials.

The BT4002 On Board convinces by its modern appearance and a high load capacity.

The semicircular shape also makes overcrowded areas accessible.

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BT4003 - Vendor´s Tray On Board XL

This Vendor's Tray is the Big Brother of the previous model BT4002.

Materials and thermo-insulating properties are identical.

Only the volume of the contents and the height of the tray differ from its Little Brother.

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EVT2010 - Ice Cream Bag

With our Ice-Cream-Bag, you will erect your customers always and everywhere.

Even selling between courses, e.g. in the cinema, is effortless.

By the simple 4-chamber division you have the possibility to distribute 4 different ice cream sorts.

With the 2 cooling elements, the products are kept fresh.

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EB4003 - Ice Cream Vending Box

This is the brand new ice cream sale box from Rocket Packs.

Distribute fresh Fruit Cups, Ice Cream or Ice Cold Drinks.

The double insulation wall keeps your products cool for a long time.

Your products can be easily removed through the disc lid.

The material of this product consists of very stable plastic and can be cleaned residue-free.

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VB4004 - Vendor´s Vending Box

Our Vendor Tray in the new and attractive appearance, offers the wearer the highest wearing comfort.

Distribute drinks, snacks, etc... quickly and easily in large crowds.

The material of this product consists of very stable plastic and can be cleaned residue-free.

Laptop Supporter

LS9001 - Laptop Supporter

LS9001 XL - Laptop Supporter XL

Laptop Supporter XL
Laptop Supporter Bag

LS9101 - Laptop Supporter Bag

PB2001 - Promotion Bag

Promo Bag