Vending Tray

  • Flexible use made of solid plastic - incl. 4-point harness:
  • 16-hole insert (hole Ø 75mm):
  • Partition walls (set of 3)
  • Front foil L63.5 x H16.5 cm (inside L59 x H 16.5 cm)

from € 129.- (net, plus freight & VAT) Very light in net weight. Shoulder strap adjustable and padded.

Cooling of the goods by ice cubes possible!

Standard color: Black

Material: plastic

Dimensions: H 14 x W 58 x D 33/31 cm

Net useful capacity: approx. 20 litres

Weight (empty): 2,5 Kg (incl. inserts)

Front can be decorated for advertising purposes: e.g. with stickers (max. H 12 x W 58 cm)

  • Material ABS Stackable Break-resistant Shell shape
  • With 3 inner surfaces for separate filling
  •  Various variable deposits.

Deep-drawn bowl shape. Adjustable textile shoulder strap with shoulder pad.

With this beverage carrier 16-hole insert you can transport beverages easily and efficiently through your stadium! This insulated tray is designed to hold (16) cups simultaneously.

A Rocketpacks features a seamless design that prevents liquids from seeping through while allowing quick cleaning.

VB4004 - Vendor Vending Box

Ergonomically designed vendor's tray model, made of easy-care plastic, very light in its own weight.

Equipped with 4-point shoulder strap system. Cooling of the goods by ice cubes possible!

-Flexible applicable Vendor Tray made of all-plastic -


Product Features / Technical Data

  • Material: PE Plastic 
  • Standard Color: Black
  • Dimension outside: L 60 x H 18 x D 33 cm
  • Dimension inside: L 55,5 x H 17,5 x D 29 cm
  • Advertising Surface (front): can be decorated whit stickers or the Foil-Bag
  • Weight (unfilled): 2,3 Kg
  • Net Volume: 28 Liter


Vendor Tray incl. 4-point strap                                               Price/Unit: EUR 129.00

16-hole Insert                                                                            Price/Unit: EUR   15.00

Separators (Set of 3 pcs)                                                        Price/Unit: EUR     9.00

Foil-Bag (advertising surface: L 58,5x H 16,5 cm)              Price/Unit: EUR   19.00

** Our prices are not including VAT, TAX, Handling & Shipping **

Vending Tray

have an ergonomic carrying system and ensure maximum wearing comfort with high advertising effectiveness

Vending Tray

Distribute drinks, snacks, etc... quickly and easily in large crowds.

The material of this product consists of very stable plastic and can be cleaned residue-free.